Elizabeth Herries

Staff Scientist

Elizabeth Herries received her BA in Chemistry/BA in Botany from the University of Vermont (1983) and then began a long and successful career developing and performing immunoassays. She spent four years at Montana State University Department of Plant Pathology, as lab supervisor responsible for 300,000 ELISA tests run annually for potato virus detection. She then worked for 20 years at the University of Vermont Pathology Department, Laboratory for Clinical Biochemistry Research, Core lab for many epidemiology studies with a focus on cardiac health, stroke and aging, including CHS, MESA, TIMI and REGARDS studies. 

At the LCBR, her assay development work included a high sensitivity C-Reactive Protein assay that yielded data for the Physician’s Health Study. She was also responsible for validation of commercial assays and evaluation of novel assay platforms, including Luminex. In 2007, she joined Singulex, Inc. in St. Louis and working in collaboration with Jack Ladenson’s laboratory at Washington University, worked on several assay development projects for markers of brain injury. Since 2009 she has been employed at Washington University, by Ladenson and other investigators. In 2016, she joined Department of Neurology Biomarker Core Lab. Through collaboration between Jack Ladenson and Anne Fagan for studies of brain injury, she performs his VILIP1, SNAP25 and Neurogranin assays. Herries has co-authored multiple research publications concerned with validation of immunoassays or their use in clinical studies.